Experienced Travel Experts
MyAgentDeals is a global on and offline provider of travel services in more than 175 countries, providing Flights, hotel accommodation, transfers, excursions and tours. Our main clients are tour operators, travel wholesalers, OTAs, bedbanks and travel agencies.
4 business Products to empower our partners, improve competitiveness of clients and deliver first class service to the travel industry:
MAD B2B: Our tour operator and travel agent booking platform.
MAD B2B2C: Our tour operator and travel agent Whitelabel booking platform for Clients
MAD DMC: Our Incoming Department with Local partners throughout the world to recieve your clients on thr ground for land packages.
MAD API: Access our one of the largest inventory worldwides combining direct contracting and the most competitive 3rd party product. We access the most important leisure destinations.
Already the owner of an agency? Or maybe you’re an experienced travel agent looking to start your own Agency?
MyAgentDeal is your an ideal partner regardless of circumstance. We provide a system unlike any other Host or Franchise Networks,  MyAgentDeals is unquie for many reasons we want to share with you.
 We have 28 years in the Travel industry and begun like many with a GDS terminal and word of mouth, We grew to become a national a Air Consolidator and regonizing the direction of the travel industry begund to invest into technology,  supplier relationships and products. 
 Today we are able to offer a  massive inventory of contracts across key products not just directly from our direct negotiations but also from partnerships with various suppliers, consolidators, bedbanks and more. providng you access to some of the most competitive rates rarely avaliable to travel agents.  all of this is made possible with Technology to help you grow your business.
We would love to hear from you and grow together in the compettive industry we live in.